It's a novel and clinically proven drug for Sickle Cell Anemia based purely on time tested and standardized ayurvedic herbominerals. The primary objective of this Ayurvedic with this genetic disorder. The dose and the duration of the therapy mainly depends upon the severity of the disease. However the medicines can be taken safely even life-long, if necessary for preventing complications.

In vitro anti-sickling effect, improvements in the hermatological and other parameters,along with extensive clinical experience make it a drug of choice for sickle cell anemia disease.

Our Product Traits

  • The drug consists of a balanced mixture of time tested and safe herbo-minerals.
  • Manufactured as per FDA Standards
  • Each ingredient is subjected to physical and chemical analysis
  • Formulation subjected to heavy metal and microbial testing
  • Safety for human use-ascertained by LD50 values

Pain in Sickle Cell Disease

• Acute - patients with less frequency of pains.

• Chronic – Patients with more frequency of pains.

Treatment Process

1. Counseling
2. Screening
3. Evaluation
4. Treatment
5. Medication

Calyx of Mica25 mg
Calyx of Iron12.5mg
Myristiea fragrant 25 mg
Zingiber officinale25 mg
Leptadenia reticulate37.5 mg
Terminalia chebula25 mg
Tinospora cordifolia37.5 mg
Asparugus racemosus25 mg
Punica granatum12.5mg

Clinical Pharmacology:

T-AYU-HM™ Premium is an effective herbomineral medicine useful for the management of sickle cell anemia.

It contains multiple ingredients from herbal and mineral source, with proven record of safety for centuries. Formulation has been scientifically designed using these well known ingredients to produce effective result in sickle cell anemia. Most of these ingredients are being used for a number of clinical conditions and their use has been established for centuries and they are mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. The unique combination of the above ingredients at specific concentrations as indicted above was arrived at after through scientific tests and trials. The formulation has demonstrated a potent and synergistic anti-sickling activity of RBCs "in vitro". Dramatic improvements were observed in the clinical studies when patients suffering from Sickle cell disease used the formulation. The need for blood transfusions was also considerably reduced.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: To be stored in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate
Warning : Not to be taken by pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 5 years except under direct supervision of medical practitioner.
NAFDAC Reg. No: A7 - 1469L Disclaimer : These claims have not been evaluated by NAFDAC