Dhanvantari Charitable Trustwas formed in 1999, dedicated towards the welfare and twin objective of Care & Control of Sickle Cell Anaemia affected at Gujarat State & across the world. Dr.Atul Desai and Dr.Kavita Desai, both completed their degree of Bachelor of Ayurveda and started their practices at Vyara since 1989. During these years they came across many complicated patients of Sickle Cell Anaemia [SCA]. To address the growing Sickle Cell Anemia patients, they started the Dhanvantari Charitable Trust. Main aim of this trust is "Painless Life - Lead a Better Life".

Six Step Program are implemented for SCA awareness and treatment:

Common Registry
Clinical Evaluation
Laboratory Evaluation
Mass Education

The program started with training of the trainers where training workshops were conducted for laboratory investigative method and awareness campaign for the relatives of the patients and general population at the interiors part of Vyara, Songhadh and Dang territory. People of this area have socio-economical backwardness and need to be aware about genetic disorders SCA. Sickle screening and other hematological information delivered by experts. Trust provides services to the door steps.

Organize screening camps at village places for the target population of marriageable youth and pregnant mothers, in schools, colleges and town places.

Trust having first clinic in India, who provide only sickle cell Anemia related services at Balpur. Here they provide information about Ayurvedic living standards, which helps to be provide them a quality of life .T-AYU-HMâ„¢ an Ayurvedic Herbo-Mineral anti sickling medicine have good results on SCA patients. It reduces painful conditions and given painless life-better life to the sickler

Mass Education- Awareness camps, informative material in vernacular languages, street plays, rallies, poster competitions, slogans competition are few of the many activities of the centre.


To serve all affected patients of Sickle Cell Anaemia.
Create more awareness towards understanding the seriousness of the disease among the people across the world.
To help needed, affected families keep in touch with each other, to encourage for regular treatment, follow-up etc.
To carry out genetic survey program to detect Sickle Cell and its sufferers.
To find out undiagnosed Sickle Cell patients.
Enlighten the patients and parents about the correct scientific method to treat Sickle Cell disease.
Provide guidance on genetic and marriage counseling.
To help the blood bank by organizing / conducting blood donation camps.
Provide proper diagnostic facilities for treating Sickle Cell Anaemia. Provide Health education.
Educate parents and patients those affected by Sickle Cell Anaemia.